We are committed to organizing efficient events which aim to bring together decision makers in a friendly and comfortable environment which serves as a stage during course of our conferences.


Boutique events allow everyone attending the event to immerse them and have an intimate experience. We execute our events properly and professionally, making sure everyone in the room is looked after and their take away from the event is positive.


Leading industry speakers are always popping up in our keynote speakers list and their expert opinion is shared during specially moderated panels in order to give a clear and transparent view upon the subjects and topics.


Networking is an important part of the experience at all events that we organize. Each conference is designed to give you numerous opportunities to network with other like-minded professionals. Between each session, extra time is set aside to give you time to discuss the day’s sessions, share your thoughts, recharge, or make plans with others for the evening events.


While focusing on creating a great event, we also set a huge importance to spreading the word in the industry. Our Media Partners are strategically selected and we ensure that our conference are covered in all media and communication aspects. We also run our own network of media channels such as online portals, printed magazine and the only online radio which focuses exclusively on igaming related news.

100% YOU

Customer Experience is important for every business and we are taking things to the next level in order to ensure you have a pleasant time during your attendance at our events. This is why we consider each delegate our friend and partner. Events are successful if the experiences of the delegates are the priority of the organizer. This is why we appreciate every feedback we receive and consider correcting even the smallest flaws.